Non-commercial movements of pets into the Republic of Croatia from areas affected by hurricanes Irma and Maria

Many European Union (EU) citizens left the Caribbean Islands and Puerto Rico due to hurricanes Irma and Maria and are on their way to the EU. A number of them may transport their pets, however not in accordance with the applicable Community legislation.
Considering that this is a situation of a natural disaster, these pet animals are allowed to enter, subject to certain specific conditions laid down in Article 32 Regulation (EU) No. 576/2013 (Pet Regulation). Article 32 of the Pet Regulation gives Member States the possibility to authorise, where the need for an urgent departure of the owner arises, the entry of non-compliant pet animals. Please find herewith information concerning the conditions to be met to benefit from this derogation that includes a prior application for a permit by the owner. An application for a permit can be addressed by mail to
In application for a permit the following information needs to be provided:
  • Data regarding the owner:
    - name
    - mobile phone
    - e-mail address
    - valid residence address in Croatia
  • Data regarding the pets:
    - species
    - number
    - chip numbers
    - date of the last vaccination against rabies (if known);
  • Other information:
    - date and time of arrival
    - flight number
    - airport of arrival in Croatia of other entry points for travellers

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